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  • 40º Grados

    Daring and youthful design in lively colors. Collection aimed for youngsters.

  • Angry Birds Go!

    Something that began in 2009 as a game for touch-screen devices has now become a worldwide social phenomenon. Angry Birds’ products are known and appreciated everywhere.

  • Avengers

    The Avengers is an animated comic by Marvel Comic publishers from 1963. The characters are a random superhero team well known for their duties and heroism, with UN’s full support. Their mission is to face those enemies that no other superhero could defeat. Most iconic characters in this group are Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor.

  • Beyblade

    Beyblade is a Japanese manga, written and illustrated by Takao Aoki.

    Val Aoi is a boy flabbergasted by the Beybladers. Shu Kurenai, his best childhood friend, has become an extraordinary blader. Valt wants to be amongst the best and win the National Tournament. On the way he will meet new friends and overcome various challenges, to try and become the world’s best ‘Blader’.

  • Blaze and the Monster Machines

    Blaze and the Monster Machines is a fast-paced animated children seriesby Nickelodeon about monster trucks races.

    Blaze is the great hero and star of the series; he’s the champion of Axle city’s race courses! Wherever there’s a problem, he is the solution, for he can do things no other truck can do. He has super speed power allowing him to accelerate and go much faster.

  • Bob Esponja

    Sponge Bob lives in a pineapple under the sea bed with his pet Gary. He works as a cook at the Krusty Krab and he is so clumsy he's always getting himself into trouble... Unintentionally! 

  • Bubble Guppies

    Bubble Guppies, original name in English language, is an animated series for nursery children narrating everyday life of a class of 6 little mermaids (3 boys and 3 girls), attending Bubbletucky’s school deep down in the ocean. With the help of Mr Grouper, the principal, the 6 of them imagine outrageous stories and learn a great amount of things.

  • Call of Duty

    Initially inspired in the Second World War, the Call of Duty saga is a video games series were you get plenty of shooting and warfare action becoming a ‘shooter’.

    These games are war-focused, with plenty of weapons and combat to enjoy. The player experiences action thorough the eyes of the main character.

    At the moment the arguments happen in fictitious atmospheres.

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